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Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Andy and my ham radio callsign is KC2SSB (ex: KF4KHC). I have been a ham since June 1996, when I passed the Novice and Technician tests with the Mt Vernon, VA Amateur Radio Club. In addition to KC2SSB and KF4KHC, I was also HL9HCT while I was stationed in Seoul, Korea August 97 - 98.

My current QTH is South River, NJ. I have been a ham in several other locations, including Beachwood, NJ, Toms River NJ, Newport RI, Edison NJ, Clarksville TN/Ft Campbell KY, Seoul South Korea and Fort Belvoir/Woodbridge VA. While I was stationed in Seoul Korea with the US Army, my callsign was HL9HCT. My email: shorecogs (at) comcast (dot) net

My shack

On July 3rd, 2008, I returned to the world of ham radio via a home base. I currently have a Magnum 257 10 meter mobile radio and a Kenwood TS-711A 2 meter all mode in the house. My antennas include an Imax 2000 vertical, a Maco 3 element yagi for 10 meters, a Comet GP-15 triband vertical used on 2 meters FM and a 2 meter halo anntenna, horizontally polarized for 2m SSB. I also have a Magnum 257HP (High Power version) in the car with a Wilson 1000 mobile antenna.

Click here for an analysis of my ham radio log, as generated by Ham Radio Deluxe!

International Space Station Voice Contact

23 June 2002, 2110 UTC, Voice contact made with Yuri, a Russian Cosmonaut onboard the International Space Station, using the callsign RS0ISS. I made the contact with 50 watts through a "Double Zep" 2 meter antenana, about 10 feet off of the ground. Here is my QSL card: